If you, your group or organization, would like to produce, i.e. manufacture, Judson Supercharger items or any other Judson item, known as "Item" or "item".  The following procedure is required:

Submit you request in writing to JUDSON along with a written description, photographs, if applicable, and any other pertinent details.

Your method of production.  And, who will actually manufacture, produce the item.
The materials to be used in the process.
What coating to be used, paint, plating, etc.
Coating specifications and the manufacture of the coatings.
What ancillary items that will be shipped with the main item. Please see here for an example.
Item packaging.  Packing material, boxes, etc.
What instructions or literature to be used, sent, with the item.
Item cost, for sale to the general public.
Sign an agreement with Judson with regards to manufacturing, shipping, pricing and product return for refund.

If you would like to participate in the process of re-issuing or producing Judson items please contact: JUDSON

*Subject to change without prior notice or notification.  Pre-existing participants are excluded from the above.  This is applicable to all new participants.  New participants will be notified of any new changes to the above procedures.